Boeing NEWS 1945 07A (PDF)


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Vol. XV No. 7 ……. Cover: Featuring 2nd Air Force … It’s school days, 1945 style, for these men of the Second Air Force. Capt. N. W. Bidulph, airplane commander, gives his B-29 crew a pre-flight inspection at Kirtland Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico, before they board plane for training mission. Eleventh crewman, radio operator, is still at briefing. ……. Inside Articles: …

The B-29 Crew’s Nest – First B-29 crews to go into action were trained on borrowed time and with borrowed equipment. Today Second Air Force has teams ready to fly the Boeings as quickly as they come off the lines of four factories. …..

Meet the Brothers – The lives of a B-29 crew are linked as closely as castaways on a desert island. A lottery brings together these men who are to depend on each other for existence in days to come. …..

The Gun Men – Long before Superfortress gunners go into combat they have a chance to shoot down attacking planes with their weapons. …..

Undergrad Mission – The bombing mission was to Kansas City instead of Kobe, but the boys in the B-29 delivered the goods. Their training mission was as tough as winds, ice and fighters could make it. By Jim Douglas …..

B-17 Rocket Ship ( JATO ) …..

“Look It’s Easy!” – Handy Cap is a barnstormer with a decided flair for the sensational. This B-29 likes to throw a scare into its pilot. But it brings him back to earth safe and much the wiser as a flyer. ……

Diction-Air for Paddlefeet – A flyer may learn all the technical terms of his trade but he seldom gives a coffee grinder or a pants slapper its textbook title. By Fred Hamann …..

Proving Ground – Midway between the doodles of an idea developed in Boeing engineering, and the putting of that idea into the air as an airplane or an airplane part, shop 27 takes over the job of proving the design on the ground. By Helen Call …..

Long, Long Trailer Winding – Today’s covered wagons are hauling dynamite for Tokyo across the Canadian border. Wranglers are needed to protect them from hazards of the road. ( B-29 Bomb Bays ) By Byron Fish …..

Last Night at Home – The townsfolk didn’t seem to notice the tension but it was painfully evident to the girls and the families spending their last evening with the boys. …..

“Ground Crews” – Boeing’s Part-Time Farmers