Boeing NEWS 1945 04 (PDF)


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Vol. XV No. 4 ……. Cover: On Our Cover: At Wright Field the propellers for the B-29 and all other U.S. warplanes are tested under the most severe conditions. Here, in the Propeller lab, ice forms on the prop blades as winter conditions are simulated. ( ATSC photo ). ……. Inside Articles:

Biggest Business – Among other things, the Air Technical Service Command represents the customer, Uncle Sam. Here is how the ATSC is organized, and how it operates. …..

Pappy Is Boeing’s Wright Hand Man – Boeing’s Wright Field office is one big happy family. That’s because head of the family is a colorful guy named “Pappy.” …..

“Three Years Ahead” – Why is America’s airpower leading the world? One good reason is the Army’s huge aviation research center at Wright Field. By Byron Fish ……

The Burning of Japan – Can Japan’s war machine be burned to death? U.S. military might is trying to do it, with Boeing B-29s applying the torch in a deadly new type of bombing. By Jim Douglas …..

Eddie Allen of the 20th – In honor of one of aviation’s greatest men, Wichita employees built and bought the Eddie Allen. Here’s the way it’s living up to its name in Asiatic combat. By Capt. Clarence Lowman …..

Formosa Key to the Orient – One way or another, we must eliminate the mysterious island of Formosa as a Jap threat. The B-29s are helping accomplish it. By Helen Call …..

Mysterious Passenger. By Margaret Young …..

The Last One Is The Toughest – A flyer’s last mission is always, they say, his toughest. Here’s a first-hand account of a Fortress mission as tough as they come. By 1st Lt. Larry Fostmeier …..

Still the Airlines Champ – Leading the way into the airways of the future is a plane from yesterday the Boeing Stratoliner, now back in airlines service after three years at war. …..

Intercontinental Supply and Repair – Army’s Air Technical Service Command ( ATSC )