Boeing NEWS 1945 03 (PDF)


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Vol. XV No. 3 ……. Cover: On Our Cover: This is the picture Boeing people have been waiting for ever since the war began, a formation of Boeing bombers over Fujiyama. It was made on the B-29s’ first Tokyo mission, by Capt. Raymond Creekmore, for the AAF. ……. Inside Articles:

Iwo Jima and the Bombing of Japan. – What part will Iwo Jima play in bombing Japan? Will it be a B-29 base, only 750 miles from Tokyo? Here are the answers. By Jim Douglas …..

The Foreign Legion of Boeing Trainers. – When it comes to building international relations, no airplane has done more than the Wichita-built Kaydet trainer. By Helen Call …..

Homecoming Is Hard – This is the true story of one war vet who came to Boeing, of his thoughts during his struggle to get back into civilian life. ……

Return From Omura – It was the destiny of the Last Resort to prove, in the B-29, Boeing has built another bomber that can come back through hell, high water and Hirohito……

But It’s Tokyo That’s Nervous – You and the Superfortress have much in common, anatomically speaking. Both you and the B-29 operate by means of two carefully designed nervous systems. By Thelma McMinn …..

South Pacific Summary – Boeing’s engineering boss, who really got around, brings back from his Pacific tour a bird’s-eye view of the vastness of war. By Well Wood E. Beall Vice-President, Engineering …..

Pilot Wrangler – As anyone knows, a secretary’s job is purely routine typing, dictation, answer the telephone, keep the office file. Oh, yeah? …..

First Kill – In those first days of war, how close to America’s home shores did the enemy prowl? This B-17 found out, struck the first blow. By S/Sgt. Jene Stacy As told to Fred Hamann …..

All-American Airman – On the B-29’s nose had been painstakingly painted caricatures of each crew member, all of them packed into a wagon pulled by their pilot, Walter “Waddy” Young. The big Ail-American end is between the shafts here. …..

Horsepower Line …..

Address Unknown – Death was close behind this Flying Fortress gunner. He stayed one small jump ahead by changing his address often. By S/Sgt. Ted Hardkin …..

1000th B-29 and the Last Kaydet #10,346