Boeing NEWS 1945 02 (PDF)


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Vol. XV No. 2 ……. Cover: On Our Cover: Weird trails of vapor from powerful engines mark the path of Flying Fortresses en route from Italian bases to hit rail yards at Linz, Austria, on January 8. The photo is by MAAF. ……. Inside Articles:

The Test of Battle – Frantically, the Japs are throwing everything at the B-29. How is the big bomber standing up under the severe battle test? By Jim Douglas …….

Jungle Rescue – Somewhere in the India jungle a B-29 crew was down. A little Kaydet trainer flew through the monsoon to find and save them. …..

We Crossed America in Six Hours – Here’s the first complete account of the Boeing C-97’s history-making flight, six hours from Seattle to Washington, told by a man who made it. Climb aboard and find what the great, sprawling landscape of America looks like from 30,000 feet. You’ll see night and day at the same time; you’ll ride in calm skies and watch a storm rage below you. And you’ll be traveling at speeds as high as 483 miles per hour. …..

Biggest Manufacturing Job ( B-29s ) …..

B-29 Art Gallery ( Nose Art ) …..

Regret to Inform You – This story of war that strikes home was told by a women’s supervisor at the Everett, Washington, branch, but it could have been any Boeing factory. By Angeline Startup As told to Fred Hamann …..

Travel Safely By Air – Out of war have grown flying developments that will make an air trip as safe and comfortable as sitting in your living room. By Margaret Young …..

“War – Weary Willies” and the Fountain of Youth – Back from war come the Forts, battered and worn. A visit to Oklahoma’s Fountain of Fortress Youth, and they’re rejuvenated, heading for battle again. …..

Test To Distraction. By Vic Thompson …..

Snow Party