Boeing NEWS 1944 09 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 9 ……. Cover: Guest Day at Renton … Photographer Vern Manion was just passing by at Renton Guest Day, August 27, and caught this unposed picture of Mrs. Sam Yount (left) and Virginia Chiene, a visitor from 432, Seattle. Our comment: “Hot dogs!” The Briefing

Can the B-29 Smash Nippon’s Industry? – The B-29 has declared war on the steel industry of Japan. If the B-29 wins, the Jap,war machine will be choked to death. By Reynolds Phillips

Running Interference for Invasion – When the Yanks invaded France the B-17s were out in front of them all the way, like a blocker clearing a touchdown trail. The story is told by a Fortress pilot and former member of shop 104 at Boeing Plant 2, Seattle. By Capt. Lee H. Dennis

The “Strat” in Strategy – When the Stratoliners came home to Plant 2 their tongues were hanging out. They’d been helping create history in a large way, ever since the war began. By Dick Williams

Get a Load on that Wing – The heart of a plane’s performance lies in its wing. That’s why the B-29’s wing had to be the greatest airfoil ever designed. By Helen Call

Our Destination: Tokyo ( B-29 Production )

“Trained Seal” Rivet – To get the B-29’s pressure cabin sealed in like a vacuum bottle, a new kind of rivet was needed, an airtight rivet. What’s that? Let Jerry Eckberg tell about it.

Flutter Bugs – One thing an airplane can’t stand is a case of flutter the trade name for the shakes that can tear an airplane to pieces. By Margaret Young

Paper Route Over Europe ( Dropping Leaflets )Win the War With Arrows – Almost every publication today has a military analyst of its own. Consequently, Boeing Magazine presents, herewith, its analyst, who turns out to be one Motley Bunch. Mr. Bunch should be a genius at interpreting the situation, for he has been in plenty of them. Heretofore Motley’s fame has been chiefly connected with such matters as revealing the inside story of a day nursery, but then a lot of other top-notch military analysts were soap opera announcers not so long ago. So here, from behind his eight-ball, Motley speaks, bringing you the real dope on winning the war. By Motley Bunch

Tovarich Fortress ( Shuttle Bombing )