Boeing NEWS 1944 08 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 8 ……. Cover: ‘Round the Clock at Wichita … Another B-29 rolls from the Wichita plant, bound for Japan, One of first pictures of B-29 manufacture released, it shows the tremendous production already under way. Wichita and Renton plants both are filled with B-29s. ……. Inside Articles: …

Pressurized Cabin in the Sky – Five miles up on a B-29 raid, instead of oxygen masks and heavy equipment, it’s sandwiches, coffee and smokes for crewmen. The Boeing B-29 is the first plane designed for combat with pressurized cabin.

Launching a B-29 – At Renton

My Day in the Stratosphere – Probably no woman had ever been to 35,000 feet, and it was obviously time something was done about it. So Boeing Magazine’s gal went strato-flying. By Helen Call

Plains Plant – Boeing-Wichita started out to build very small planes in a very small way. Today it builds the world’s largest planes in a way that is quite tremendous.

B-29s to Bangkok – Here is the inside story, never before told, of how the Super-forts got their start in action, and their long-secret mission that preceded the Yawata raid.

Day’s Work – A bombing mission over Germany is just an ordinary day’s work. At least the author of this story, who returned to the U.S. to attend the Boeing B-29 school, makes it sound that way. By T/Sgt. Johnny Savoi

Lebensraum – Hitler started it all, and now everybody’s doing it. Doing what? Crying for “Lebensraum,” of course. Even at Boeing, people and departments are scrambling for living space. By Dick Williams

Firing Squad – Ever try to shoot a gun while bouncing along on the back of a cayuse? Neither have the Boeing armament men, but they run into the same kind of shooting problems in an airplane. By Margaret Young

More Snap! Crackle! Pop! – New Clipped Tail Turret on B-17Es

Hand Made in China – Building Runways