Boeing NEWS 1944 07 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 7 ……. Cover: B-29 … The Boeing Superfortress ……. Inside Articles: …

Birth of the B-29 – You have to go back, not months but years, for the origins of “Chapter B-29” in the changing history of aerial warfare. Men of vision conceived and drafted it; men and women in many plants-plus the Army Air Forces put action into this “chapter” to help close the story of World War 2. By Helen Call

World Wide Wings – Secrecy still shrouds many of its vital statistics, but here’s a “fact sheet” that sketches what can be told about the Superfortress, now rolling out of Boeing plants and soaring away to far battlefronts.

Wichita to Yawata – The Superfortresses that hit Yawata on the first strike at the heart of Japan came from Boeing’s midwest plant at Wichita, Kansas. How those B-29s were produced is a story earmarked in manufacturing annals as a phenomenal job. By Reynolds Phillips

The Noose Tightens – In the dates of August 17, 1942, and June 15, 1944, the Axis will find a deadly parallel. The first brought the Boeing Flying Fort-tress’ first foray into Hitler’s Europe, a successful raid on Rouen. The second saw Boeing Superfortresses strike their first blow at Japan, heralding the destruction of the Nip empire of aggression.

Entry of the Gladiators – When Superforts first roared over Japan it was the start of an aerial campaign all the U. S. had been waiting for. It was a campaign the men of the 20th Bomber Command had long been waiting for too. And they drew a tough assignment in “Target, Yawata!”

How to Destroy a B-17 – “At long last, the brilliant military experts of our Emperor have devised a way to battle and bring down, inevitably, the insolent Boeing B-17 heavy bomber, known as the Flying Fortress. Your most humble magazine, Fuji, is deeply honored to bring to you this inside story of the ingenuity of our Imperial Air Force leaders. The conversations of four noble sons of the Emperor, who are flying officers, are written down in this article. They report that the hairy foreigners in their Boeing B-17 s have been struck all of a heap by this new highly effective method.

How are We Doing? – On this and the succeeding three pages is a summary of Boeing’s financial report, outlined for employees who would like to know what happens to the money the army has spent for Boeing planes. The figures include operations in both Kansas and Washington.

Running Mate

The Dragon Flies ( Chinese nickname for B-29s )