Boeing NEWS 1944 06 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 6 ……. Cover: Five Grand … Everybody’s airplane, the Five Grand, swings in a steep bank on its Army acceptance flight, with Maj. Harold Hanson at the controls. The 5000th Fortress was accepted just four days after it came off the production line. The photo is by Stewart Love. For more photos and story on the Five Grand, see pages 10 and 11. ……. Inside Articles: …

The Briefing

Underground Escape – The hero of this story is called Sgt. Joe Morgan. That is not his name. His real name must remain a military secret. Apart from the use of fictitious names for Morgan and his crewmates, this story of the sergeant’s adventures in the Underground has been altered only with respect to details which might conceivably aid the Nays in establishing the identity of his plane or the vicinity in which it was shot down. By Jim Douglas

Funny Things Happen – In the Air Forces you’ve got to laugh, no matter how thick the flak and the Focke-Wulfs. If you don’t, you might as well trade your seat in a B-17 for one in the nearest nut factory.

The Karat Patch ( Industrial Diamonds )

Model Boys – When a new airplane is designed at Boeing, these are the boys who build the first one. They’ve turned an educational hobby into a skilled profession. By Helen Call

Roller-Coaster Over Germany – Some engineers will tell you a Fortress can do an inside loop. Impossible, say others. Here’s the story of a Fort that did one and with most of its tail gone. By Lt. John W. Raedeke U. S. Army 8th Air Force

The 5000th Boeing Built Flying Fortress Since Pearl Harbor

“I Got an Idea” – Here is a digest of some of the Boeing planes that have never been built. But we are sure if they had been they would have shocked the enemy to death, and aerodynamicists as well. By Margaret Young Illustrated by James Wandesforde

“We Deliver” – Visitors to the plant almost invariably comment that the astonishing part about aircraft production is how the parts all get to the right place at the right time. Here are the jugglers who manage the neat trick.

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

XB-Rochester ( Jack Benny’s partner Rochester visits Boeing )