Boeing NEWS 1944 04 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 4 ……. Cover: B-29 Take-Off … We sent our cameraman out to get a picture of a B-29 Superfortress taking off, but the poor fellow had coffee nerves and came back with only this – a girl watching the take-off. The girl is Ferne Kather, Boeing secretary. Photo is by Vern Manion, who knew the Army would rather see a girl than a photograph of a B-29. ……. Inside Articles: …

The Briefing

Atlantic Kill – What happened to the swarm of Nazi underwater marauders that stalked the east coast since the war began? Read this. By Jim Douglas

Uncle Burt – Nearly everyone at Boeing has heard of Burt Carr. He’s probably the most talked about, and talked to, man in the plant.

“Yes Sir, She’s Our Baby” ( Groundcrew of the B-17 “Knockout Dropper” )

First of the “Super” Bombers ( B-15 )

Boeingtown – Along quiet, hilltop streets, sit the 2,420 modern homes of Renton Highlands. Seventy percent of those occupied hold the families of employees of the Boeing Renton Division. Unlike most hastily thrown together, war-jammed housing projects, the Highlands has most of the qualities of a permanent suburban city.

Kampfflugzeug – German tactical drawing for attacking the B-17 Bomber

Grandma – Subcontractor ( Mrs. Ida Jane Crawford ) By Helen Call

Artists and Model B-17 ( Advertising Art )

Early Birds – Some of the first aviators