Boeing NEWS 1944 03 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 3 ……. Cover: Renton’s eighteen-foot power brake can perforate a stiffener with 160 rivet holes at one stroke. Ethel Langei and Iril St. Clair practiced for six months on junior brakes before graduating to shop 162’s monster metal former. Rows of little springs in the brake bed are part of the strippet punch that cuts the holes in the metal. “Parts Makers,” on pages 6 and 7, shows other people who run fabrication machines. ……. Inside Articles: …

The Briefing

Too Tough To Stop – Here are the most remarkable planes of the entire war the roughneck Fortresses of the South Pacific that have been hitting the Japs since war began. By Helen Call

Return from Wewak – Sergeant Paich had more to keep him busy, all at once, than a one – arm riveter with hives. Even for a man with four Purple Hearts, that trip home from Wewak was a tough day’s work.

Parts Makers ( Fabrication Shops )

Amphibious Airport ( Airstrip at Renton )

“Border Incident” – Two men, an early Boeing seaplane, a blustery March 3, 1919, and a boundary to be crossed. That was the start of international airmail, just a quarter of a century ago.

Our Own Auto Show ( Specialized Vehicles )

Bomber Bible – When a Fortress gets in a tough spot, airmen usually can find the answer to their problems in handy capsule form, complete with everything but vitamins. The capsule is the bomber’s bible, a set of text books prepared by the Boeing engineering division’s handbook people. By Margaret Young

First Mission – Have you ever wondered how a Fortress crewman feels when he goes into combat for the first time? “First Mission” will put you in his shoes. Here are the thoughts, the feelings of a flyer on that morning when his mind pounds with the trite but potent refrain, “This is it,” Here are the first pre-combat breakfast, the long trek to your bomber in the chill English dawn, the bombing run, the first sight of Jerry. This is the story of Sgt. John Crowther, top turret gunner who flew twenty-five combat missions over Europe. Now he is at the Boeing Flying Fortress school. By Sgt. John Crowther as told to Jim Douglas

How I Won The War – Of all the thrilling tales we have heard from visiting war heroes, some of the most exciting stories are the ones that don’t ordinarily get into print. Here are a few of these unusual war experiences. They are tales twice told to the Boeing News, the second version is the FBI’s.

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

Jungle “War” ( Simulated Theater of Combat )