Boeing NEWS 1944 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 1 ……. Cover: Crater Germany … Focke-Wulf plant at Marienburg, Germany, after a bombing by B-l7s, showing what the Fortresses are doing to Nazi production. Note honeycomb shell of buildings, broken planes (upper left, front cover), crater rows made by salvos of 500-pounders from each B-17. Shadows and white specks of sunshine in buildings are the clues to damage. Here’s a trick: hold photo upside down and craters look like bulges. Pictures of the Marienburg plant before and during the raid are on page 4. (U. S, Army Air forces photos ). ……. Inside Articles: …

The BriefingTomorrow We Bomb… – What’s the most amazing war machine operated by the Allies? Wellwood Beall, vice-president, engineering, who has just returned from England, saw it in action. It’s part of the battle that seldom reaches the headlines.

“Howdy, Stranger” – Boeing personnel help new employees get settled

Chips Off the Old Block – The story of four small cities and a middle-sized one, and how they went to bat to help wipe out a lot of very large towns in a place called Germany.

Metal Marvels ( Metallurgical Laboratory )

Twenty-Grand Ideas – The men that investigate new idea suggestions

Letter Getters – The letter girls of Renton’s central files get more mail than Lana Turner. Of course, much of it is addressed to “Gentlemen,” but they keep it anyhow.

Tank Battle – When you blow up a rubber life raft, the idea is, to inflate it. But with rubber gas tanks, you fill them with hot air so they will collapse. It’s a hot stuff. By Helen Call

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