Boeing NEWS 1943 11 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 11 ……. Cover: “G-whiskers” the chin foliage of the new B-17G. Not yet faired into the fuselage, this chin turret pauses long enough on the production line to have its portrait made. In the bomber’s nose are, left to right, Isabelle Hathaway, Barbara Heinz, Fern Nicholson. Photo by Don McQuade (See pages 3, 4, 10, for B-17G and turrets.) ……. Inside Articles: …

Even a whisper is loud

B-17-G – Ordinarily, a scrapper’s chin is built to take it. The chin of the new model G Boeing Flying Fortress, on the other hand. is built to dish it out, plenty.

Behind The Chin Turret – You can’t add firepower to a plane by rubbing a magic lamp. It takes blood, courage, ingenuity and time. The Yanks had what it took in Europe’s skies. By Reynolds Phillips

388 Punches On The Nose – Meet the porcupine, one of the latest and most amazing creatures in the Boeing menagerie. It throws punches by hundreds.

Spare planes – Not all Flying Fortresses fly away from Boeing under their own power. Some of the most important ones come off the production lines in many pieces.

Color Guaranteed – The paint shop at Renton looks like a soda fountain, a moving assembly line, a science laboratory and vat 69-and turns out 30,000 paint Jobs in a shift.

80-Round Fighters By Jim Douglas – On 165 missions, these two sergeants found Japs, forest fires, fat natives named Hector, and plenty of medals. Now they’re preparing for more of the same.

Sure Fire Shop By Helen Call – The famous shooting power of the Flying Fortress gets its Start in Boeing gun shop, where the guns are lined up on the enemy long before he appears.

Truck and Wing

My Day Care By Motley Bunch (Boeing News Secret Agent) – Grown-ups are satisfied with the day nurseries as a place to leave children while their mothers work in war plants. But how do the children feel about it? What is the true story -the whole story? In this exclusive article are the daring revelations of a Boeing News reporter who was smuggled into a nursery disguised s a four-year-old child.

Stationery “Engineers” By Laurie Matterson – Fortresses are built of paper and pencils and Scotch tape, as well as aluminum and rivets. They provide the parts in the stationery nook of store 442.

Seattle Attacks – If ever there was any doubt that the Army considers the Flying Fortress its prime weapon, it was dispelled the night of October 3 when the Army and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce staged a gold-braided, star-studded extravaganza the like of which the aircraft industry had never seen before. The show’s purpose was to recruit workers for Boeing, where the manpower shortage threatened production schedules.

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

Photo Finish

Battleship of the Skies