Boeing NEWS 1943 09 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 9 ……. Cover: This Japanese cruiser was knocked out because it made a mistake that is an old one in the prize ring. It “zigged” when it should have “zagged.” As the curving wake reveals, the ship swung the wrong way, directly into the path of the bombs from the Flying Fortress above. The first bomb missed, as shown by the circle in the water to the right of the vessel, but the next one caught it squarely on the bow, sinking it. The photograph was brought home from New Guinea recently by Boeing service engineer Dave Weaver. ……. Inside Articles: …

It’s a Matter of Perspective Swing’s The Thing – What about the people of the victory shift? Do they really lead an upside-down life? Sit down and let them tell you. You might be surprised.

“Joe’s Duck” – Did you ever expect to see a house with a full-grown bomber wing and a pair of full-grown engines sticking out the side of it? Well, take a look at Joe’s Duck, who is part house and part Flying Fortress, and very important.

“L For Leather” – And Luck ( Sub Killers – Over the bleak Atlantic, Flying Fortresses are busy with a behind-the-headlines job that will have much to do with the Allies’ invasion of Europe. ) By Connery Chappell

New Guinea Hell – No war in history has been so brutal as the war in New Guinea, where Uncle Sam is starting his long journey along the road to Tokyo. In the air and on the ground, it’s equally tough. A Boeing engineer saw it both ways.

B-17 Art Gallery ( Nose Art )

Caged in Copper – Behind walls of gleaming copper, Boeing electrical engineers have been wrestling with aviation’s radio jabberwocky, strangle-holds not barred.

“Chest High” – Identification Department

Sand Storm – The Sand Blasters of Shop 115 at Plant 2

Service Awards for August

Eat Some Food Every Day

B-17 Body Blows ( Against Europe )