Boeing NEWS 1943 08 (PDF)




Vol. XIII No. 8
20 pages
On Our Cover: This dramatic on-the-scene photo shows Boeing test pilot Bob Lamson attempting to revive Lieut. Col. W. R. Lovelace immediately after Lovelace had descended a record-shattering 40,200 feet by parachute. This and photographs on the following two pages are the first published pictures of the sensational jump. Photos taken during and after the jump were snapped by radio operator Cliff Dorman, who accompanied Lamson. ……. Inside Articles:

Stratosphere Leap – Could a flier bailing out in the stratosphere, parachute all the way to the ground and still live? Since the world record jump of 40,813 feet was made as a free fall, the question was unanswered. So Lieut. Col. W. R. Lovelace, outstanding authority on high altitude medicine and co-inventor of the most popularly used oxygen mask, decided to experiment on himself. Here is his story of his 40,200-foot jump, told for the first time.

The More, the Merrier England. By James McGlincy UP Correspondent

Want To Make A Test Flight?

Dear Joe ( Writing messages on planes )

Million Milers ( The Boeing 247 )

Well Wheeled ( Wheels at Boeing ) By Helen Call

Japan Still Holds The Bases

“Flide Rule” – This is the story of a remarkable gadget which .is a cross between, a flight computer and an engineering slide rule, hence the nickname flide rule. It’s made of ordinary cardboard, and covered with figures, inside and out. It’s riding on bombing missions throughout the world as an extra-and-valuable member of the Boeing Flying Fortress crews.

Service Awards for July

Anywhere Wear – Boeing’s work clothes for women

Everything Under Control – Renton Division’s central control setup