Boeing NEWS 1943 06 (PDF)




18 pages

Vol. XIII No. 6 ……. Cover: The Boeing Clipper, taken by Boeing News photographer Gordon Williams (now Ensign Williams of Coast Guard public relations), received the gold medal award at the New York Art Director’s Show as the best black and white advertising photo appearing in national magazines. The Clipper picture was used in a Boeing ad. ……. Inside Articles: …

Let’s Go on a Spending Spree

Hitler’s Licked, Huh? – The crew of the famour Fortress “Jack the Ripper” visit Boeing factory. Sarah Harrison, Bob Gray, George Campbell with Andrew Markle, William Crumm, Robert Kleyla, Karl Masters, Rufus Youngblood and Peter DeBoy

Tropical Islands Aren’t So Hot! – Here is the story of nine men, listed as missing for 66 days when their B-17 went down in the Pacific, as told by the Fortress’ navigator, Lieut. Robert Dorwart of Seattle, when he visited the Boeing plant. The tale begins where most of the other war stories end, with the fliers reaching an island. By Helen Call – Flying Fortress “Lovin’ Dove” crew pose with Lt. Gen. Millard F. Harmon; crew members: Jim Hunt, Don Martin, Ted Edwards, William Nichols, Bob Turnbull, Balfour Gibson, Robert Dorwart, Ernest Ruiz, Thomas Classen

Undercover Pilots – Training in a Link Trainer; Pilot Elliott Merrill with Harry E. Cramer

Test Flight of the XB-Link

Snapshots in Steel – Large steel template production

Sewing Circle – The women making the coverings for elevators, ailerons and rudders

7 Steps to Winning – Suggestions

Atlantic Shuttle – While much of the war’s spotlight is cast upon the Boeing Flying Fortress, another Boeing plane – the mighty Clipper – is playing a vital role in Allied war strategy, too. Here is the story of the Boeing Clippers and job they are doing. Pan American Airways; The president cutting cake aboard Clipper with Adm. Leahy, Hopkins, Lieut. Cone

Fortress vs. Fortress – The B-17 against Axis strongholds; Wilhelmshaven, Lille