Boeing NEWS 1943 05 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 5 ……. Cover: Army versus Weather … Standing guard at a lonely, snow-buried airfield of the U. S. Army Air Forces, this sentry typifies the saying of Army flying men in Alaska: “It’s not so much the Japs we’re fighting, but the weather.” (Army Air Forces Photo.) ……. Inside Articles: …

Aleutian Dispatch – Stretching like a rapier at the heart of Japan, Uncle Sam’s Aleutian Island chain is one of the least publicized but most important war fronts in the world. This report of Boeing Flying Fortresses in action, direct from an Army air base in the Aleutians, was written especially for Boeing News readers. By William L. Worden

“Not The Japs, But The Weather”

Mussing Mussolini – Here is a graphic sequence of Press Association photos on the bombing of Palermo, Sicily, in April by Boeing Fortresses.

Confederate Guerrilla – Two months ago Boeing News advanced Charles Dauble of Renton as a candidate for oldest man in the aircraft industry, but another company had a man who topped him. So Boeing News promptly comes back with another candidate who looks like a sure bet to win all age honors. He’s John C. Cocheran of Plant 2 maintenance, with 91 years of thrills behind him. By Al Hill

They Loft When They Sit Down To Draw By Roland Bradley

“The Working Girl Will Protect Us”

Clean Sweep

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

Service Awards to May 10th

Vehicles of the Air