Boeing NEWS 1943 04 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 4 ……. Cover: Turret Tracers … An unretouched photograph taken on a rainy night in the Boeing Field gun pits. The streaks of light from the fifty-calibre ball turret guns are tracer tracks. (Photograph by Vern Manion.) ……. Inside Articles: … Der Fuehrer’s Face

Gun Tests By Roland Bradley

Praise The Lord ( Ammunition )

“Were We In a Fight!” ( Damage to B-17s )…..

Coat o’ Chrome ( New Test Colors for Equipment )

Rommel Pommelers – Last month Boeing News presented “Torch Movement,” the story of two Boeing service engineers in England who helped prepare Allied air power for the North African assault. Here is the sequel the adventures of William Baihly and Milo Schnee, another pair of Boeing engineers, who worked with the bomber group that helped chase Rommel across the African desert.

Fortress Fashions – New Muriel King designed Women’s Work Clothes

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

Daredevil Pilots B-4F ( Jim Fraser )

Ball of Fire ( Frank Clemmer Department )

Fortress Action