Boeing NEWS 1943 03 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 3 ……. Cover: Bombs on Gizo … A Boeing Flying Fortress wings across Gizo Island in the Solomons, leaving behind the rising smoke of destruction. Wing tip of an accompanying fortress shows at right. This raid was part of a triple-pronged aerial thrust against the Japs during the fight for Guadalcanal. (Official U. S. Navy Photo.) ……. Inside Articles: …

Altitude 50,000…And Up! – The Boeing Strato-Chamber

My Wars With Germany – It’s a custom among industrial plants to have an “oldest employee.” Boeing this month comes up with its candidate for oldest in the entire aircraft industry, remarkable Charles Dauble of Renton.

R-R-R-Riveters – While a lot of the odd occupations about the plant have received attention in Boeing News, so far the most common riveting and and bucking has missed out. Here the girls take the spotlight, the riveting teams who make up 20 percent of Boeing personnel, the largest in any one type of work.

Battle of Bismarck Sea

The Fightingest Fortress – According to Hollywood custom, Suzy should have been wearing a bathing suit when she posed for this photo at Boeing Field. For Hollywood has just announced that Suzy-Q is to be a movie queen. Suzie herself will play the starring role in a full-length film telling the story of her life, both at Boeing and in battle action.

Torch Movement By Joseph Zuber

Introducing Bessie ( A Second Air Force B-17 )

Prelude To Combat