Boeing NEWS 1943 02 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 2 ……. Cover: Stinger Turrets … These are “stinger turrets,” standing on end. They’ll bring up the rear of Boeing Flying Fortresses. The girl putting the finishing touches to the stinger compartments is Lucille Keys. ( Photograph by Vern Manion. ) ……. Inside Articles: …

Boeing Clippers Chosen for First Presidential Flight

What Is the Multiline System? By H. Oliver West ( Reprinted from Wings )

Anvil Chorus

Here Came the British

Fortress Reports

I Work for Vengeance – Walter A. B. Nichols was known throughout the world as a manufacturer of fine Chinese rugs. In plants and shops in Tientsin, China, he employed thirty thousand workers. In well-furnished homes, in army posts and club rooms from Capetown to Seattle, Nichols Chinese rugs were famous. Today, after thirty years in the Orient, Nichols is a beginner inspector in shop 310. He came to Boeing because, in helping to build Flying Fortresses, he is repaying the Japanese most effectively for what they did to his friends in China. Here, in this Boeing-copyrighted article, Nichols’ eye-witness story of the methods and results of Japanese aggression is told for the first time. By Walter A. B. Nichols, Inspection Department

This Is Our Army, Mr. Jones

Service Pin Awards

Flying Fortress Road Show – Since it isn’t possible for all the thousands of Army Air Forces mechanics to be sent to Seattle to learn Boeing Flying Fortress maintenance, the Army had to find some other method of training.

“Glamour Girl” – ( Mary Ann ) the B-17 star from the new movie “Air Force”