Boeing NEWS 1943 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XIII No. 1 ……. Cover: New Year Dawn … Dawn of the new year brings with it rising hopes of victory, and symbolically, these Boeing Flying Fortresses may well be one of the principal means of attaining that victory. ( Photograph, actually taken at sunrise, by Austin Simonds, public relations ). ……. Inside Articles: …

The Enemy has a Man Trying to Beat You. By M. O. Russell, Assistant Employment Manager

The Great Yankee Doodle – How do you design a brand new plane? The designers claim they don’t actually know, but there’s a clue to the answer in this story of how the Boeing Flying Fortress began. By Roland Bradley

The Sergeant Reports

B-17s in Action

Studying for an M.D. ( Doctor of Mechanics )

A Year’s Worth of Ideas

Poets’ License for the year

Renton Service Awards

This Month – Seattle Service Awards – Five Boeing Deaths – George Fuller Passes

Shooting Gallery