Boeing NEWS 1942 12 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 12 ……. Cover: Ordinarily Santa Claus is a jovial soul who wishes everyone well. But after all, the Axis DID kidnap him, and it took Superman to rescue him, so you can’t blame Santa for preparing to leave a few explosive gifts in the Axis stockings. ( Actually bombs are practice dummies. )

Santa and the B-17

Looking at England’s War Industry By P. G. Johnson

Report from the Fortresses

Storm Over Kiska

“Cookie Cutters” By Gideon Kramer

Break Men – “Test to Destruction” By Roland Bradley

Boeing-made Gliders

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

Old Claus in the B-17 Contract

This Month – Service Pin Awards

“Winged Whirl” – Working Women’s Hair Styles