Boeing NEWS 1942 11 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 11 ……. Cover: “Window Shop” … The “goldfish” member of shop 208 is Ivy Lehde, who worked in the display window of the Boeing-McDermott building in downtown Seattle. Passers-by watch her as she assembles electric wiring. (More details on page 13). Photograph by Vern Manion, photo unit. ……. Inside Articles: …

Wishing Won’t Win The War By George MacDonald

Doctor For Warplanes ( Service Repairman )

Strato-Gremlins Are Sky Terrors

Fortress Action Around The World

He Led B-17s Over Europe ( Col. Frank A. Armstrong Jr. )

I Did Stunts in a Bomb-Loaded B-17 By Lt. Clark M. Garber, Jr.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t – Camouflage Department

This Month

A Sourdough With Wings – The Boeing 80-A

B-17F Flight Photo