Boeing NEWS 1942 06 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 6 ……. Cover: PT-17 … Most Army and Navy pilots get their flying start in these sturdy trainers, built in one of Boeing’s Kansas plants. The photo was taken in Texas by Lieut. Fred Bamberger of the U. S. Army Air Forces. ……. Inside Articles: … Built in Kansas

Midwest Ringmaster

Fortress Versus Nippon

Woman’s Place Is Just Like in the Home

Stepping Up

Service Awards

Oxnard and Luna Fumblethumb

Boeing Sports – Ex-Pitt Pirate Pilots Plants’ Play Program, Renton Can Start an Olympic Team by Ron Warnock, The Ball Facts: Everybody’s in Leagues with Somebody

3-in-1 Means “Per Car” Now

Stepping Up!

Photo Finish