Boeing NEWS 1942 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XII No. 1 ……. Cover: Looking through the nose of the B-17E at another Flying Fortress ahead. The dot just to the right of the face reflected in the glass, is a ship on the water below. Photo by Gordon Williams, Public Relations department. “Somewhere in England” – This was Engineer Dick Rouzie’s address last year. Home again, he tells of how he saw the B-17 war-tested. By Dick Rouzie

Your Time On Their Hands ( Time Keepers )

Pursued Ships – Here’s What Happened to the Pacific Clippers When War Came

An Ice Time was had by all…

Stepping Up! ( Promotions )

Safety Builds Ships

Oxnard A. Fumblethumb, Esq.

How to Drain the Parking Lot

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Flashes From the Bond Drive

The Boeing Log Book

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