Boeing NEWS 1941 06 (PDF)




Vol. XI No. 6

Cover: The “bottleneck girl,”triumphantly producing her identification button after an extensive handbag search, is Jean Barkes, stenographer in the Production Office. The guard is Phil G. Sands, Plant Protection Department Investigator. Photographed by Dick Hubbell. ……. Inside Articles: …

Plane of the Year ( B-17 )

National Prize Winner ( Oscar Leibst )

Flag for 801 ……

Button Button ( New plant ID buttons made and controlled by Bill Taggart )

Let’s Make Everybody Soar by Lee Holman ( Learning to fly a glider )

The Gramprie Super-Whatsit ( An automobile built by Jack Gramprie )

Oxnard A. Fumblethumb, Esq.

Ladies Aid

This Month

The Boeing Log Book

High Altitude Transport ( The 307 Stratoliner )