Boeing News 1941 01 (PDF)




Vol. XI No. 1

Cover: Sheet aluminum alloy, in a wide variety of sizes, gages and types, is the basic raw material of a Flying Fortress. More than 14,000 pounds of aluminum alloy, about 45 percent of its empty weight, goes into each B-17, and much of this started in the primary shops as sheet stock. On our cover, Harold Palm of the Sheet Metal store at Plant 2, is using a micrometer to check the gage of a sheet of .064 3S1/2H, used in making fuel tanks. The unopened crates in the background are part of a fresh shipment of sheet aluminum – raw material for fleets of airplanes in 1941. ……. Inside Articles: …

This Month

New Clippers Better Yet

Plant 2 Still Growing

The B-17D’s Are Coming – Fast

For Plant Protection and YOUR Protection

Safety First – Always

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