Boeing News 1940 02 (PDF)




Vol. X No. 2
12 pages
Cover: Two members of the U. S. Army Air Corps, pausing after a flight for a chance to compare notes and have a smoke, set the stage for our February cover. Behind them rears the giant fin and red-and-white striped rudder of a new Boeing B-17B Flying Fortress. Second Lieut. R. W. Gustafson, left and Capt. F. W. Hall. M. C., right, had just alighted from a test flight in the Fortress when the picture was taken; note the parachutes and the radio headphones. Both men are from Gray Field, Fort Lewis, Lieutenant Gustafson being attached to the 91st Observation Squadron there, and Captain Hall being a Flight Surgeon at the Field. With deliveries on the Flying Fortresses being made at regular intervals, the present contract for B-17B’s will soon be completed, and it is expected that assembly work on the second order of B-17C’s will get under way in the near future. Many of the new Fortresses are being flown to Hamilton Field, California, and the giant bombers will also be stationed in the Northwest as soon as McChord Field is completed near Tacoma. ……. Inside Articles: …

Stratoliner in Miniature – Advance Features Prove Worth of New $16,000 Wind Tunnel Model Used by Flight and Research

Newsreels Feature Boeing Production ( Boeing 307 Stratoliner )

I.A.S. May Hear Weather Expert ( Dr. J. Bjerknes of Bergen, Norway )

Bowling Teams Hold Fast

Season Not Over for Bomber Quintet ( Basketball )

Camera Club Hears Lens Talk

A Matter of Concern to All ( Theft )

What Do You Know About Aluminum Alloys?

Personal Notes About Our Personnel ( By Departments )

“Second Generation”