Black Panther 1945 05 08 nr 02 (PDF)



Nazi 340’s Damaged — Battle Patrols Draw Fire get information Hard Way- 1st Lt. Houghton Stevens … German Held Island Ile D’Oleron falls .. Largest German Guns on Atlantic Hit by Artillery … Photo: Pfc. Emil S. Buechter, S. Sgt. Carlos E. Craven, S. Sgt. Hans E. Strack, Pfc. George Holinda, and Pfc. Ernest C Wood .. Its Ok to Eat in French Restaurants but food is rationed … 10 Infantrymen are awarded Silver Star: Sellers Stough, John E. Jackson, George Kostopoulus, Fred Poulnot, William T. MacCullock, Edward Birkenbach, Frederick R. O’Neill, Thomas J Nealton, James O Gibson, Joe C Roybal … Many Hand smoke light work.. but not always- Lt. Gilbert Frandsen… photo 340 Kaput… story of 3hereos- Sgt. Donald Letcher, Sgt. A. J. Tacona, and Pfc. Aubrey Berman .. Lt. Vincent Manigan wins Battlefield Commission … 77 Bronze Star Medals Awarded … Photo red Cross Club Opens- Naantes – 4 pages