Black Panther 1945 05 01 nr 01 (PDF)



Infantry, Tanks Assault Nazis — Guns Silenced — Prisoners Taken in Dawn Attack: St. Nazaire… Panthers freed from Nazi Prison- photo of 4 soldiers of the 66th Infantry Division: T-5 Roy M. Lee of Vilonia, Ark, PFC. John D. Paavola, Bishop Calf., Pfc Kenneth Irvin, Logan Ill., Pvt. William E. White, Chicago … First Eto Issue of 66th Bulletin rolls off French Presses … 66th sends II Nazi Vessels to Davy Jones’ Locker at Lorient- 1st lt. Leonard Sink of Berrin Springs, MI, Pvt. Paul Aulita, Frank Ornyak, Joseph Calzone, Stanly Augustine, Fres Tamru, William Campbell, Eric Maxwell, Alden White, Francis Hammerstorm, Earl Helmlinger … Photo Major General Kramer Pins Combat Badge on soldier … Pantehrman Attends Historic Ceremonies at Old German Fort- Staff Sgt. James O Gibson, General Omar N. Bradley at Fort Ehrenbreitstein … 66th Faces 50,000 Nazi Germans in Atlantic Pockets- Nazi’s hold 856 Sq. miles around St. Nazaire and Lorient … Sgt. George Chunfat, Pfc.. Paul R Krinock, BAR magazines, Pvt. Charles E Mollenkopf, Anthony F Hammel – 4 pages