Black Panther 1945 05 01 nr 01 (PDF)



Infantry, Tanks Assault Nazis

Guns Silenced

Prisoners Taken in Dawn Attack: St. Nazaire

Panthers freed from Nazi Prison- photo of 4 soldiers of the 66th Infantry Division: T-5 Roy M. Lee of Vilonia, Ark, PFC. John D. Paavola, Bishop Calf., Pfc Kenneth Irvin, Logan Ill., Pvt. William E. White, Chicago

First Eto Issue of 66th Bulletin rolls off French Presses

66th sends II Nazi Vessels to Davy Jones’ Locker at Lorient- 1st lt. Leonard Sink of Berrin Springs, MI, Pvt. Paul Aulita, Frank Ornyak, Joseph Calzone, Stanly Augustine, Fres Tamru, William Campbell, Eric Maxwell, Alden White, Francis Hammerstorm, Earl Helmlinger

Photo Major General Kramer Pins Combat Badge on soldier

Pantehrman Attends Historic Ceremonies at Old German Fort- Staff Sgt. James O Gibson, General Omar N. Bradley at Fort Ehrenbreitstein

66th Faces 50,000 Nazi Germans in Atlantic Pockets- Nazi’s hold 856 Sq. miles around St. Nazaire and Lorient

Sgt. George Chunfat, Pfc.. Paul R Krinock, BAR magazines, Pvt. Charles E Mollenkopf, Anthony F Hammel – 4 pages