Army Talks 1945 05 01 (PDF)




Vol. III No. 17
20 pages

Five Points of U.S. Foreign Policy

Newsfront – Among the Ruins of Berlin

Roosevelt is Gone by Walter Lippmann

The main objectives of US foreign policy as outlined several times recently by Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius provide a blueprint for our present military, diplomatic and economic policies. Here they are as he stated them to Congress and to the Inter-American Conference in Mexico City: 1. … To give the fullest possible support for our armed forces so that the war may be won at the earliest possible moment. 2. … To take any steps necessary to prevent Germany and Japan from ever again having the military or industrial power to make war. 3. … To establish at the earliest possible moment a united international organization to build and maintain peace – by force, if necessary – for generations to come. 4. … To promote a great expansion of our foreign trade and of productiveness and trade throughout the world so that we can maintain full employment in our own country – and together with the other United Nations – and enter on an era of constantly expanding production and consumption and of rising standards of living. 5. … To encourage all those conditions of international life favorable to development by men and women everywhere of the institutions of a free and democratic way of life in accordance with their own customs and desires.