Army Talks 1945 03 17A (PDF)




Vol. III No. 11
12 pages

Operation Jackson – The Story of Airborne Troops

The men who dropped from the skies in parachutes and gliders at Ste. Mere Eglise, Carentan, Arnhem and Nijmegen were tough. They had to be tough to live. But these airborne men aren’t rugged individualists. Airborne men work, plan and fight together, depending on each other not only for the success of great battles, but for their lives. Like an arrow, they are flung deep into the heart of the enemy’s defenses. Should they fail to carry out their job of disrupting enemy communications, securing key roads and bridges, diverting a large part of the enemy’s tactical reserves from the established front, and destroying supply dumps, the vast, integrated attack might possibly fail. The bow – the tanks, infantry, artillery, engineers and all other combat and supply organizations – must then seek out the arrow, cutting through enemy lines in a swift lunge to link with the airborne troops.

Printed in France