Army Talks 1945 02 24 (PDF)




Vol. III No. 6

20 pages

Combat Tips – For Fighting in Winter – At Night – In Forests – In Towns ……. It takes many different things to win a battle. No one individual can possibly assemble them all, give them names, and hand them out as a guide which, if carefully followed, will guarantee future victories. But, by studying a successful engagement and learning what made it successful, a soldier may benefit by the experiences of other soldiers who have learned how to win battles the hard way. This issue of ARMY TALKS describes a few of the battles recently fought in France and Germany. The officers and men who won these victories explain the tactics they used and why. There are tips on how to fight at night … lessons in forest combat

Notes on taking towns. They may help you open the rest of the road to Berlin.

Newscope – Two Un-“Forgotten” Fronts ….. Printed in England