Army Talks 1945 02 17 (PDF)




Vol. III No. 7
20 pages

 We Come As Conquerors

This, in the words of General Eisenhower, is our greeting to the people of Germany. Already they know we mean it. There has not been – and there will not be – any coddling of the “master race”. “We come as conquerors but not as oppressors.” Town by town they are feeling the might of our arms, as the Allied forces cut deeper into the Nazi fortress. But they must feel more than that. They must feel the firm justice that moves in with our armies, and then lingers on to finish the job in the wake of the battle. That is the reason we have G-5, the new branch of the army which goes in with the combat troops and stays on to see that we get what we were fighting for. In France we wanted a free France. There, and in other liberated countries, G-5 operations were known as Civil Affairs. So G-5 in Germany will be Military Government – pure and simple. There’ll be rules to follow, and every Allied government now moving into Germany has agreed on them. But they will be rules that give no quarter to the Nazi way of life.

The Second Battle for Naples – The Allies fought two battles for Naples last year. They won the first early in October when they routed the Germans and occupied the City. They marked up their second victory in a bloodless offensive against another kind of enemy – an army of lice which carries typhus fever in its ammo belt and mows men down by thousands if given half a chance. We don’t hear much about louse-borne typhus in the United States, but the disease flares up in Europe with grim regularity – particularly when war forces whole populations to live more like animals than humans.

Newscope – Down, But Not Out

Printed in France