Army Talks 1945 02 10A (PDF)




Vol. III No. 5
20 pages

How to Keep House in a Foxhole

To date no way has been found to turn a foxhole into a cozy suite at the Waldorf. You simply can’t change a hole in the ground into a subway bungalow. Also, many of the things that are practical in rear areas won’t work when you’re advancing. On the attack you take cover when and where you can find it, and move on as quickly as you can. It’s a race against time; comfort counts for nothing. The tips are collected here in the hope that some of them may be new – and helpful – to men in holding sectors, men who have dug in for more than a few hours, men in rear positions. ….. Preclude to Victory – A 1,500 word condensation of a book by James B. Reston, noted London and Washington correspondent for the New York Times. 


Printed in England