Army Talks 1944 11 18A (PDF)




Vol. II No. 44

German “Supermen” Return Underground

Germans Continue To Plan World Conquest

We, Americans and Allies, think of this struggle as separate wars, with intervals of uneasy peace. The minds of German leaders their followers do not work that way. They think of World War I and World War II and Wars III and IV and V, if necessary to attain Germany’s desire domination of the world as parts of one continuing fight for that world domination. Already this has been to them another Thirty Years War. It is not ended. To them it may take another Hundred Years War but “Germany has a glorious future and she will attain it!” To us, it is clear we must face hard facts. Evidence to prove the differing German point of view has been rapidly accumulating for more than a year and on certain phases for at least eighty years. The latest evidence, recently given official backing, asserts most solemnly that: The Germans, both General Staff planners and Nazi gangster leaders, are going underground. They plan, with an improved version of what they did from 1929 to 1939, to sabotage our military victory. Can they get away with it?

Printed in Paris