Army Talks 1944 11 11 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 43

What To Do With War Criminals?

WILL THE GUILTY ESCAPE THIS TIME? Judgment Day for German war criminals is very close. Many, many thousands already feel the hand of Fate clutching at their necks. Some may be fortunate and die in battle. Others skulk in terror of those whom they once terrorized. Cessation of hostilities, surrender, will not mean safety or that they may escape punishment. Last time war criminals went scot-free. This time they will be punished. What then is the difference which enables such a positive statement to be made. There is all the difference in the world between World War I and this war. Consider these eight points:

1. The planned enormities of the crimes

2. The nature of the evidence

3. The number of accusing nations

4. Statements of official policy

5. No refuge in neutral nations

6. This time all Germany is likely to be occupied

7. Lessons were learned last time with profit

8. Changing public opinion outside Germany

Printed in Paris