Army Talks 1944 11 04A (PDF)




Vol. II No. 42
20 pages

China – Seven Years at War

We happen to be fighting in the ETO. But for the “luck of the draw” any one of us in Europe might be fighting 10,000 or 15,000 miles from here, under MacArthur, or Mountbatten, or Stilwell, or Chennault, instead of under Eisenhower or Alexander. our buddies are there. That’s our war, too. What happens on one side of the world is of personal and intense importance to the other side of the world. Chinese victories (and even tactical defeats) are saving American lives. A Chinese may save your life, or mine. Without question, victories in Asia will permit us to get home sooner. Victory over Germany, in Europe, will shorten the languish of war for the Chinese. Successful operations, in the Asiatic theater, against Japan, will shorten the war for Europeans and Americans. Reducing the length of the war anywhere, by months, days or even hours will save many, many Allied lives.

Printed in Paris