Army Talks 1944 11 04 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 41
24 pages

Jap – German German – Jap

Twice in our own lifetime the German people have deliberately plunged the world into war. They had their eyes open; they knew what they were doing. In 1914 their slogan was German Kulturwhich you can translate as a world run by and for Germans. In 1939 it was Weltanschauung, same translation. The people themselves were responsible. Without their consent, their sacrifices, their money; without their active support, their will to conquer, neither war would have been possible. The carnage, the blood, the destruction and terror and havoc, all the filthy mess of modern war is their responsibility and theirs alone. A Christian heart prompted by some “organized sympathy” (organized in Germany) might forgive the first transgression. What on earth could possess a people that they should try it twice?

Printed in London