Army Talks 1944 07 26 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 30

Seven Against The World!

This issue of ARMY TALKS deals with certain men high in the ranks of the Nazi party, and with the part they are playing in this war. It is just one of a series of ARMY TALKS which have appeared in the past several months, dealing with the German enemy. Mingled with such Talks arc others – Notes from Normandy for instance – which bring the combat experience of troops in France to the attention of every soldier in this Theater. Another recent issue was Achtung, which was distributed to the men in the landing craft just before they hit the shores of France on D-Day. Achtung, along with the other ARMY TALKS, explained to the soldier his mission, gave him pertinent information to help him in his task, and sent him into battle better informed about the immediate fight before him, as well as the broader background of the war. General Eisenhower is determined that the American soldier in this Theater be a well informed soldier. An extract from his letter of 30 April, 1944, appears on the opposite page. To supplement the hour a week of training time allotted to ARMY TALKS, a simple, coordinated program has been, devised. The ARMY TALKS pamphlet is distributed on a basis of 3 per company to your command. Every Thursday in the Warweek supplement of Stars and Stripes the soldiers familiarized on the current week’s ARMY TALKS, so that he may enter into the discussion with some knowledge of the subject.

Printed in London