Army Talks 1944 07 05 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 27

Notes from Normandy

Material for this issue was secured in the combat area in Normandy by a member of ARMY TALKS staff, and sent back by ‘plane. It is written by the soldiers fighting in France. What you’ve been taught at Fort Benning and Camp Blanding and Fort Ord, or wherever you did your training, is paying off in Normandy today. Our men are pushing and pushing the Jerry can’t cope with what we have. But the terrain is new, it’s not Georgia or Florida or California. It isn’t Tunisia, Sicily or Italy. It’s a new kind of country – and a new kind of war, The only old thing about it is the enemy and even he is up to new tricks. Here are some of the lessons we’re learning in Normandy, They come from the officers, non-coms, and enlisted men that are fighting there. To get them ARMY TALKS went right to the front lines, to the hospitals, the supply dumps, the CPs and the fox holes. They’re not to be taken as gospel and doctrine. They’re nothing more nor less than what men and officers already in combat say. These are the comments of some after they have met up with the Germans.