Army Talks 1944 06 14 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 24

France Underground

NOTE : TO GROUND FORCE UNIT LEADERS : The subject of this issue explains itself to the Army Ground Forces. Your men may be in contact and receiving aid from members of the underground in the near future. The more you know about it, the more help it will give you. ….. NOTE : TO AIR FORCE UNIT LEADERS : Men in the Air Force already know the French and how they are working with us. Returned fliers who have ” baled out ” can speak from experience. Remember that the French have not maintained resentment for our bombing of their countryside and cities wherever it struck at the enemy. Remember, too, that many of them have been killed before they would ” rat ” on us. ….. NOTE : TO SOS UNIT LEADERS : No people understand the problem of supply any better than the French guerillas. Part of their business is to destroy the enemy’s supply depots, dumps and lines. Part of your business in France will be to establish dumps and lines, but you will be servicing them with the canny help of the Frenchman – not trying to protect them against him. At this minute the Germans are fighting against double odds to keep their supplies intact and mobile. At this minute we and the French are smashing their supplies with everything we’ve got. ….. Printed in London