Army Talks 1944 05 10 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 19
20 pages

These Guys fought ’em!

Fanatical and furious fighters, filled with Hitler hysteria, a far-from-beaten German army stands guarding the slave continent of Europe waiting for the Allies to invade. … Tough as they are in combat, however, Jerry soldiers have been forced to bow before the might of Allied assaults. They can be killed just like anybody else. Thousands of them have been taken prisoner. … This issue of ARMY TALKS was written by an American officer who visited one of the veteran divisions of the United States Army and talked to men who had been all through the Tunisian and Sicilian campaigns. They described how Jerry fights, what makes him dangerous and what makes him weak, and told how he acts when he is captured. … Compiled and edited, the quotations from these veteran Yanks give the composite picture of what you’ll meet across the Channel.