Army Talks 1944 03 08 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 10

Words are Weapons, too!

SOLDIERS who do their fighting with a rifle and bayonet, a long-range bomber or the machine tools of an Ordnance or Engineer workshop, are very likely to have a low opinion of the highly-trained specialists of the Psychological Warfare Combat Teams. A FOOTSORE DOGFACE, staggering in under a full field pack from 20 miles in the British rain, could be pardoned for doubting the combat efficiency of a chair-borne sergeant from the psycho crew. GERMAN MACHINE GUNNERS, coming through the lines in Africa and Italy to surrender, would change his mind, if he saw them. In this ARMY TALKS article, Sergeant Dugan explains how the men with typewriters help the men with Tommy guns – how we’re all part of the same big team on the winning side in the biggest series of all.

Sgt. James Dugan, author of this issue of ARMY TALKS, is a former New York newspaperman now assigned to duty with the American Office of War Information, ETO. In the preparation of this article, Sgt. Dugan drew upon the resources of the civilian military organization in the hands of whose members words are weapons and ideas are as devastating as blockbusters.

Printed in London