Army Talks 1944 03 01 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 9

The German Soldier

This issue of ARMY TALKS was prepared by S/Sgt. H. Whitman of the staff of ARMY TALKS, based upon material from U.S. Army files, the British Ministry of Information and the British War Office. The data on the psychological training of German troops was first published in New York by the American Committee for National Morals in 1941 as a part of a report entitled ” German Psychological Warfare.”

SUMMARY : The German soldier is tough, well-trained and well equipped. He has had such a thorough psychological training that even when he is routed in battle, captured, transported thousands of miles and landed in a barbed-wire ” bullpen,” he still believes the men he left behind are winning this war. He can be beaten but only by men who are tougher, more able and better trained than he is.

Printed in London