Army Talks 1944 02 16 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 7

Soldier Savings

THIS issue of ARMY TALKS is devoted to the numerous ways by which a soldier in the ETO may, and should, save the major part of his pay each month. The full force of Allied operations against the Nazis and Japanese will soon be felt. The billions of dollars that the United States must spend for all types of war material will make these operations possible and successful We should know where this money comes from and how each of us, regardless of grade or rank, carries his responsibilities of citizenship from home to his present location. Material for Soldier Savings was initially prepared in the Office of the Theater Bond Officer from official circulars and directives, and from an article by Harry Scherman, entitled “Invisible Greenbacks,” which appeared in the “Saturday Evening Post” in 1942. The material has been adapted for publication by the ARMY TALKS Section.