Army Talks 1943 11 24 (PDF)


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Vol. I No. 9 ……. What Are We Fighting For? ……. ” Name off the other nations of the world and not one of them will be able to say, as the United States can say, ‘We are the synthesis of the world’s peoples.’ And it is only the idea of freedom that holds us together the idea plus the opportunity to live and prosper within its political and economic framework. Of the Japanese Americans fighting in Italy, the Fifth Army says that they obviously believe in what they’re doing, and look calmly secure because of it, and the same can be said of every other national extraction represented in our Army and Navy. Those are some of the things we are fighting for and some of the reasons why we fight. The author of the article in this issue of ARMY TALKS has carried the matter farther and has looked not only at the historical action conditioning the entry of the U.S. into the war, but has given careful consideration to The issues, confronting a world organized for peace. He does not ask for complete agreement; he seeks to suggest deep reflection on the problems which will tax the minds of all men in all nations when the war is done. Arthur L. Goodhart is the author of this issue of ARMY TALKS.