Army Talks 1943 10 13 (PDF)




Vol. I No. 3
16 pages

Problems of the Pacific

The present issue of ARMY TALKS is intended to give men in the ETO a picture of the problems on the other side of the world. This is not only a ” total war,” but a world war. Conditions in the Pacific as well as conditions in Europe are our concern. The more we know of them, the better we will understand the role of our country in the present conflict. ” Problems of the Pacific ” presents the views of a former faculty member of the University of Hong Kong. His views may not be your views. They are not intended to be, but they are worth hearing about and knowing. The question is : What do you think?

In reading Prof. Keeton’s summary of events in the Orient, prior to the outbreak of the present war, American soldiers should remember that many of the things he says of British subjects were also true of American citizens. Americans were tried in their own courts, Americans were subject to American, not Chinese, law. Our Government maintained troops in China, as did Great Britain and other European Countries. The problems he presents as British and Chinese were also, in very large measure, American and Chinese as well.