Army Talks 1943 10 06 (PDF)




Vol. I No. 2
16 pages

War on the Supply Lines

The story of War on the Supply Lines was prepared by Ensign DON C. HEWITT, USMS, S/Sgt. HAMILTON WHITMAN and S/Sgt, CARL W. LARSEN, all members of the staff of The Stars and Stripes. All the material used was taken from published accounts in newspapers and magazines, or news released for publication in Great Britain or the United States.

The text of the following story of The War on the Supply Lines is meant to be background material to start you thinking. You should not be limited to it. There is drama in this story. There is greater drama in the everyday experiences of men and women engaged in war at sea. There is still greater drama in the hopes and fears, in the blood, sweat, and tears of the mothers, wives, sweethearts, sisters, fathers, and brothers who are keeping these men and women in War on the Supply Lines.