Army Talks 1943 09 29 (PDF)




Vol. I No. 1
16 pages

Handbook for Discussion Leaders

The purpose of ARMY TALKS is two-fold : 1. To help the Officers and Men by: a. Providing information on the issues involved in U.S. participation in this War; b. Emphasizing the relation between their individual part and the total war effort ; c. Acquainting them with the strength, character and nature of the enemy ; d. Developing an understanding of our allies ; e. Developing an interest in current events as they relate to the progress of the War and the peace to follow : f. Affording opportunity for consideration of news and affairs on the American Home Front.

2. To help the Army by: a. Further establishing desirable relationships between Officers and men through informal group discussions; b. Developing added pride in military service and confidence in the Command, by informing Officers and Men of significant phases of the history and traditions of the American Army, and the critical function of each major branch and service of the armed forces; c. Developing an intellectually keener Army through discussions of worthwhile topics and by relieving the routine of Army work in periods of free discussion in duty-time ; and d. Developing and maintaining a personnel generally informed on the major issues of the day, bearing upon the progress of the War and Home Affairs.

The first issue of ARMY TALKS will be distributed with Stars and Stripes on Wednesday 6 October 1943.