Armored Attacker 1945 06 16 nr 06 (PDF)



Five New Appointments Made In Division: Col. McBride, Lt. Col. Pope, Maj. Ravenei, Maj. Weisenberger, Maj. Anderson —- Co B, 68th Tankers Get Top Honor —- Gen. Spaatz Pays 86th Troop Visit —- Spectacular Haul Made By Tankers: Capt. Collins, Lt. John S. Dahl from Arlington, Mass. captures enemy column —- Return Of “The Greek” To 44th Is Fantastic Tale: S/Sgt. Johnny “The Greek” Karnavas from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Soldiers Medals Earned by Quick Thinking Men: Cpl. Ralph E. Glidewell, Milan Mo., Pfc. William E. Fey, Jr., Paul K. Grief and Orville T. Schurr; David B. Impson; Theodore A. Henning; Donald A. Mattoon; Steve Dzurko; Harold H. Stanisch —- Luxembourg —- Lt. Col. Harold C. Davall and Sgt. Robert Hansen, Jr. —- Axe Used By Division M.P. To Kill German Officer: Casey C. Brewer and Theodore Scott — 44th Doughboy Pitches Three No-Hit Contests This Season: Harold Towne from Batavia, N.Y. —- Soldiers at pool in Apolda; Edward Kenyon, Gene reed, Arthur Elwell, Edward Brown, Cecil Clark —- From Bullets to Books: 25th. Armd. Engr. Bn.: Ardell Heckler, Frederick D. Felts, Albert Onuska, Frank S. Hill, David C. Sargent —- Lana Turner —- 68th tankers Hold Memorial Service – Chaplain Manuel M. Falcao